Apr 2, 2011

About charts on this site

(05/23)D/W CAMS data of Unit 1 is noticed as "instrument failure" by TEPCO.
ref. http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/nu/fukushima-np/f1/images/11052306_table_summary-e.pdf
Nevertheles plotting "AS IS" for future analysys.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Reactor Pressure data of Unit1,3 are reviced by TEPCO at 06Apr2011. New data are not refrected to the charts.  These data are revised.

These charts are based on press releases of NISA(Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency) .
The data are derived from these spreadsheets.
I do not have a responsibility of these data.
Please check the original data.

(*)Add CAMS charts 02Apr2011

(*)Pressure measurements are made in different way:
    Absolute presure (Mpa abs): zero referenced against a perfect vacuum.
    Gause pressure (Mpa g): zero referenced against ambient air pressure.